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Favourite Sites

As well as famous or impressive sites the north-east is full of smaller but equally intriguing monuments to visit. In this section local people and those who have worked on the Keys to the Past project take the opportunity to write about their favourite sites. 

Please click on an individual to view information about their 'Favourite Sites':

  • Stan Beckensall
    Local expert on prehistoric rock carvings talks about the place that inspired his work, the prehistoric monuments of Old Bewick Moor (Northumberland) 
  • John Grundy
    Local broadcaster and architectural historian talks about the remote bastle at Shittleheugh (Northumberland)
  • David Petts
    Keys to the Past Project Officer, writes about Ashgill Head (County Durham)
  • Tom Moss
    Textile technologist with a passion for the history of the English-Scottish Border, writes about Elsdon in Redesdale (Northumberland)
  • Caroline Hardie
    Former County Archaeologist for Northumberland, Caroline writes about her favourite site in the two regions, Scargill Castle (County Durham)
  • Niall Hammond
    Former County Archaeologist for County Durham, Niall writes about an unexpected visit to the perplexing site of The Castles (County Durham)
  • David Sparkes
    The current Principal Conservation Officer for Durham discusses his favourite site, the Apollo Pavilion at Peterlee (County Durham)

If you would like to contribute to the 'Favourite Sites' section of this website please contact us for details of how to get involved.

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