Keys to the Past


A large number of people have been involved in the creation of this website, many of these are based in Durham County Council and Northumberland County Council, but a number of other individuals have helped.

We would particularly like to thank all those who have made their specialist knowledge available and helped us check our facts, especially Lindsay Allason-Jones (Museum of Antiquities, Newcastle) and Rob Young (previously of Northumberland National Park, now English Heritage) and Bill Fawcett.

A large number of people have been involved in taking pictures for us. We would like to thank our volunteer photographers, including Bill Fawcett, Andrew Wood, Peter Reynolds, John Archer, and the Hexham and Allendale groups of Action for Differently Abled People in Tynedale. We would also like to acknowledge the Northumberland County Record Office and Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum for providing us with images.

A number of other people have been of great help in creating material for Keys to the Past, and we would like to especially thank Keith Elliot for his hard work on the Glossary and some Period Overviews.