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Trollope, Robert

Trollope was an architect after first being a brick maker - possibly in the York area. He built several country houses in Northumberland - such as Capheaton. He also built a guildhall for Newcastle - though this has since been modified substantially, (by others such as John Dobson Dobson, John). Further buildings have been said to be built by Trollope - based on the extravagant details of style - though these are uncertain. Trollope was buried at the old Saint Mary's, Gateshead, in a vault designed by himself - reputedly with a statue of himself pointing across the Tyne to the Newcastle guildhall. Trollope spelt his name in various ways, each of which are correct to some degree. The Newcastle guildhall that Trollope designed was topped by a spire - this usually had a nest of crows on, and many poems were written as if from the eyes of these crows - though it was taken down in the end.

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