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Premonstratensian; Premonstratensian Order

sometimes called The White Canons
This group of canons was also as the Norbertines, after their founder Saint Norbert. The group was founded in 1120AD to follow Augustinian rules, but was influenced by the Cistercians to develop estates and granges. One of the early monasteries founded by the order was at Premontre, (France). They founded several monasteries including Alnwick and Blanchland Abbeys (Northumberland) and Egglestone Priory (County Durham) from their 12th century arrival in Britain. These places acted as bases to go out preaching from and the order was well known for missionary work in the east of Europe. They left England for exile as part of the Dissolution of the Monasteries. They wore white clothes, which can be seen in surviving Medieval stained glass at Blanchland.

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