Keys to the Past


Pilgrimage of Grace

This was a protest against the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1536AD. It was led by Robert Aske and had a flag portraying the wounds of Jesus' crucifixion. This sought the restoration of the monasteries - but failed. King Henry VIII went back on his words of sympathy to the rebels and carried out further reforms. Many rebels were killed - these included monks and canons that had joined the rebels under threats and coercion, or as their conscious dictated. Despite the support of the monasteries generally in the rising, the Border area monasteries received little support - the tenants of Tynemouth Priory, the only surviving Northumbrian monastery valued over the £200 level, took the opportunity to chance to rebel against the monastery as their landlord. A further rising was held as the Northern Rebellion for the return of monasteries and Catholic forms of worship.

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