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Peden, Alexander

A Scottish Covenantor Peden was born and operated mainly as a church minister in the southwest of Scotland. After signing a petition with others to King Charles II he was forced from his job. He continued to preach his views of Christianity throughout Scotland, Ireland and northern England. As the Covenantor principles were against certain influential people, Peden and others were declared rebels, their estates forfeited and their meetings illegal. As such the meetings were held in remote spots - e.g. caves, valleys and in the middle of wild moors.
Peden was captured and imprisoned for four years in the prison on the Bass Rock, (in the Firth of Forth), and Edinburgh. He was sentenced to transportation to Virginia, America, for life - but was released when the ship's captain refused to accept as a prisoner. He died in Scotland, after further trips to Ireland - but was dug up after burial by soldiers. Some of Peden's sermons have been published which give a flavour of his renowned style by the title alone: The Lord's Trumpet sounding an alarm against Scotland'.
E.g. Padon's Monument, Troughend, Northumberland overlooking Redesdale. The monument does not seem to have been erected to Peden - nor is there any official evidence that he visited the spot - but it's still worth a look.

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