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Green, Benjamin

Architect of many local northeast buildings. Benjamin Green was the son of John Green (1787-1852AD) a noted carpenter and buildings contactor. Benjamin was sent, after an early aptitude was noted, for architectural training in London. Benjamin upon his return worked with his father and alone. It has been remarked that it is difficult to separate the work of the two Greens apart - though a general rule is public buildings, churches and villas are the work of Benjamin, and that 'engineering' works were carried out by John.
The churches at Dalton and Sugley, Newcastle, are probably by Benjamin. Benjamin was also responsible Newcastle's Theatre Royal and for the railway stations on some of the east coast main line. Of these it was written by Richard Welford (1895) as fine, handsome buildings some of them; more like the villas raised by retired tradesmen than residences for railway offices. The joint work of father and son saw fruit in a number in a number of timber railway bridges - probably designed by John the father, but which earned Benjamin the Thomas Telford medal from The Institution of Civil Engineers of 1841AD for their description.

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