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King James IV

1473-1513 James IV was crowned at Scone on 26 June 1488. James IV was a man of many skills - he was known to practise dentistry and even charged his patients for his services. He also founded the Royal College of Surgeons in 1505 which was 35 years earlier than the equivalent in England. The peace between Scotland and England which arose from the marriage lasted ten years. But James had renewed the "Auld Alliance" with France - and King Henry VIII of England had invaded the France of King Louis XII. Because of treaties which had been signed between Scotland and England in 1502, James did not need to take action . But, perhaps out of chivalry, perhaps out of a hope of winning territory while King Henry VIII was across the Channel, King James advanced into England after some Scottish merchant ships had been boarded by English privateers. After some minor successes, James met an English army led by the Earl of Surrey at the Battle of Flodden on September 9 1513.

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