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Langley and Blaghill lead smeltmills, flue and chimney (Haydon) - Source of Reference

The information on this website is based on a range of published and unpublished works. Below is a list of the source of information used in writing this record.

(1) Atkinson, F., 1974. Industrial Archaeology of North-East England, Volume 2 (Newton Abbot), 246.
(2) Council for British Archaeology Group 3 Newsbulletin (3 Dec 1977), 15.
(3) Tylecote, R.F., 1977. Industrial Archaeology 12 no.2, 108.
(4) Unpublished sources were used to create this record. For further information about these sources please contact us quoting the following reference number:N7649.
(5) Further information about the protected nature of this monument can be obtained from here.