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Possible prehistoric settlement NNE of Flodden. (Ford) - Source of Reference

The information on this website is based on a range of published and unpublished works. Below is a list of the source of information used in writing this record.

(1) Jobey, G., 1960. Archaeologia Aeliana (4th series) 38.
(2) This site was seen on a aerial photographs (Ref: AP 2/7/49 NT9235A, 10/7/70 NT9235B, 20/7/74 NT9235C Museum of Antiquities of Newcastle upon Tyne and Cambridge University DD 17 undated; NCC/A/03 frames 28-39, 9 Aug 2003, T Gates). Further details about looking at a copy of this photograph can be obtained from the home page.
(3) Further information about the protected nature of this site can be obtained from here.