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Low Harperley Prisoner of War Camp (Harperley Hall) - Source of Reference

The information on this website is based on a range of published and unpublished works. Below is a list of the source of information used in writing this record.

No. Originator(s) Date Title Notes
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5 Scheduled Monument/MPP Files
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8 Harperley P.O.W Camp looking West.
9 Harperley P.O.W Camp. Interior of the Theatre.
10 Low Harperley P.O.W Camp.Mess Hall, plywood and paint curtain.
11 Low Harperley P.O.W Camp. Mess Hall Wall Painting of Shepherd.
12 Low Harperley P.O.W Camp. Mess Hall, wall painting of a Stag.
13 Low Harperley P.O.W Camp. View looking South.
14 Low Harperley from the air. NMR.
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