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Low Harperley (Harperley Hall) - Source of Reference

The information on this website is based on a range of published and unpublished works. Below is a list of the source of information used in writing this record.

No. Originator(s) Date Title Notes
1 Wainwright 05-Jun-1999 PoW site yours for £1m "The Guardian" Page 14, Saturday June 5th 1999.
2 Anthony Hellen, J 1999 The legacy of Britain's prisoner of war camps: 1940-1948 Published in "Erdkunde" (Bonn), September 1999
3 1999 NMR 17259/14 NMR 17259/14 (copy in SMR project file)
4 1999 NMR 17271/51 NMR 17271/51 (copy in SMR project file)
5 Scheduled Monument/MPP Files