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Whittonstall hoard (Shotley Low Quarter)

This hoard was discovered in 1958 when the foundations of the Police Station were being dug. A metal box, sealed with wax, was found to contain 1206 silver coins, minted in the 13th and 14th centuries. The coins included English coins of Edward I and Edward II, Irish coins of Edward I, Scottish coins of Alexander III and John Baliol. They are thought to have been buried between 1311 and 1312. This is an important English hoard because few of this date and none of this size have been found in the north of England. About one third of the coins were minted in Newcastle, Durham, Berwick and York.

Reference number:N9837
Historical period: Medieval (1066 to 1540)
Event(s):FIELD OBSERVATION, Ordnance Survey Archaeology Division Field Investigation 1959; W D Johnston

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