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Moot Hall (Hexham)

Hexham Moot Hall. Photo Northumberland County Council, 1971.
Hexham Moot Hall. Photo Northumberland County Council, 1971.

The Moot Hall stands in Hexham Market Place opposite the abbey. It is a four-storey gate house with a three storey block attached to it. It is built of square sandstone blocks. The window and doors suggest that it was constructed in the early 15th century. On the ground floor there is a room with a stone vault to the north of the entrance passage. There is also a doorway into the basement. A staircase built onto the outside of the building led to a large room which was once used as a courtroom. Above this was another hall reached by a modern timber stairway. This second hall has a large fireplace and a garderobe in one corner. This building was originally built as defence against raiding from Scotland, and was defended as late as 1640. It was also used as a court house until 1838. This is a Grade I Listed Building protected by law.

Reference number:N8730
Historical period: Medieval (1066 to 1540)
Legal status:Conservation area
Listed Building
PHOTOGRAMMETRIC SURVEY, The Two Towers of Hexham - The Moot Hall 1992; P Ryder
TIMBER SAMPLING, Tree-Ring Analysis of Timbers from Moot Hall, Market Place, Hexham 2004; Centre for Archaeology, English Heritage

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