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Habitancum Roman Fort and medieval settlement (Corsenside)

Risingham (Habitancum) Roman fort from the air.
Copyright Reserved: Museum of Antiquities, Newcastle upon Tyne.
Risingham (Habitancum) Roman fort from the air. Copyright Reserved: Museum of Antiquities, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Habitancum Roman fort, also known as Risingham, lies adjacent to Dere Street and close to the River Rede. It is a classic rectangular shape with rounded corners and is enclosed by a substantial rampart and wall. These measure up to 10m wide and stand up to 1.2m above the interior ground level. The standing remains were built in the early third century AD by the Emperor Severus and during excavations an inscribed stone was found bearing an inscription attesting to this. Three gateways were built as entrances to the fort and inside traces of many buildings can be seen surviving as earthworks. Some of these remains are probably from later re-occupation of the fort. A medieval settlement lies over the Roman remains and around the outside of the fort are fields of ridge and furrow cultivation. These mask a series of Roman ditches which would have added another layer of defence to the fort. Parts of the fort have been excavated on several occasions in the 19th and 20th centuries. This is a Scheduled Monument protected by law.

Reference number:N7943
Historical period: Roman (43 to 410)
Medieval (1066 to 1540)
Legal status:Scheduled Ancient Monument
Event(s):EXCAVATION, Excavations at High Rochester and Risingham, 1935 1935

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