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Allenheads lead ore works (Allendale)

Bouse teams, Allenheads.
Bouse teams, Allenheads.

Watercourse, Allenheads.
Watercourse, Allenheads.

The western part of the lead ore works at Allendale include remains of a washing floor and a set of bouse teams, as well as the drainage channel of the Fawside lead level, a revetted section of the River East Allen and a section of spoil tip. They form part of a wider complex of ore works and lead mines at Allenheads that include the Fawside level (begun in 1776) and the Gin Hill shaft (dug by 1793). It was the focus of the planned industrial village of Allenheads. Lead working ended here in 1896. This is a Scheduled Monument and some structures are also Grade II Listed Buildings protected by law.

Reference number:N7235
Historical period: Post Medieval (1540 to 1901)
Legal status:Listed Building
Scheduled Ancient Monument
Event(s):DESK BASED ASSESSMENT, Archaeological assessment of Allenheads Lead Ore Works and associated structures, Craigshield Powder House, Allendale 2013; Vindomora Solutions

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