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Milecastle 40, Hadrian's Wall (Henshaw)

Milecastle 40 stands just east of Winshields Crags on Hadrian's Wall. It was excavated in 1908 and one wall was found to stand ten courses high. Excavations also showed that the milecastle had been rebuilt several times and buildings, including an oven, were found inside. Today, the milecastle walls are covered with turf and rubble and stand up to one metre high. This is a Scheduled Monument protected by law.

Reference number:N6458
Historical period: Roman (43 to 410)
Legal status:Listed Building
Scheduled Ancient Monument
Event(s):FIELD OBSERVATION, Ordnance Survey Archaeology Division Field Investigation 1966; D King
AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY, Hadrian's Wall Landscape from Chesters to Greenhead. An air photographic survey 2004; T Gates
GEOPHYSICAL SURVEY, Milecastles 29, 34 and 40, Hadrian's Wall 2014; Archaeological Services Durham University

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