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Cairn and enclosed cremation cemetery on Bewick Hill (Bewick)

A number of monuments can be seen at this location. A rough circular enclosure defined by a bank of earth and stones. Inside a hut circle can be seen. There is also a slight circular depression 4m in diameter filled with small stones up to the existing ground level. This is probably the remains of a damaged burial cairn.

Reference number:N3615
Historical period: Bronze Age (2600BC to 700BC)
Event(s):FIELD OBSERVATION, Ordnance Survey Archaeology Division Field Investigation 1955; E Geary
FIELD OBSERVATION, Ordnance Survey Archaeology Division Field Investigation 1969; B H Pritchard
TOPOGRAPHIC SURVEY, Old Bewick Hillfort, Old Bewick, Northumberland: archaeological recording 2012; Archaeological Services Durham University

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