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Old Bewick Tower (Bewick)

A tower was first mentioned in 1509 when it belonged to the [Prior} of Tynemouth. By 1542 it was covered with a lead roof, but just six years later it was a ruin. Written references mention that it was still in a ruined state in 1608, 1614, 1676, 1678 and 1715. As late as 1866 some old people could still remember the ruins of the tower. However, the Eglingham to Chillingham road was later built over it. A slight bump can still be seen in the road where the house was. Stone towers were built in the 14th and 15th century as a protection against raiders from Scotland.

Reference number:N3613
Historical period: Post Medieval (1540 to 1901)
Medieval (1066 to 1540)

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