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Bronze Age cist burial and Neolithic cup marked stones, Lilburn Hill farm (Tillside)

Between 4000 and 6000 years ago, during the Neolithic period, people carved cup and ring marks on stones. Between approximately 3000 and 4000 years ago, in the Bronze Age, people buried their dead in a cist, possibly within a cairn at Lilburn Hill Farm. The cist was discovered and opened in the 1880s. A cup marked stone was found in the cist. The stone is now in the Museum of Antiquities, Newcastle upon Tyne. Some archaeologists think that the Bronze Age people re-used Neolithic carved stones. Others think the Bronze Age people carved the stones themselves. A similar burial has been found nearby.

Reference number:N3345
Historical period: Neolithic (4000BC to 2200BC)
Bronze Age (2600BC to 700BC)

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