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Iron Age defended settlement near Wood House (Hedgeley)

This Iron Age defended settlement is surrounded by banks and ditches. These earthworks defended the occupants against attack, and formed stock enclosures for holding animals. The remains of one round house can be seen as an earthwork inside the settlement, but more houses probably existed when the site was occupied. This Iron Age defended settlement is a Scheduled Monument, protected by law.

Reference number:N3146
Historical period: Iron Age (800BC to 43AD)
Legal status:Scheduled Ancient Monument
Event(s):MANAGEMENT SURVEY, Management Plan: Beanley Plantation Hillfort & Cist 1997; Northumberland FWAG
TOPOGRAPHIC SURVEY, Beanley Hillfort 1998; The Archaeological Practice
FIELD SURVEY, Hill forts and settlements in Northumberland ; G Jobey

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