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Berwick quayside (Berwick upon Tweed)

The quayside at Berwick extends about 350m downstream from Berwick Old Bridge, on the northern bank of the River Tweed. It probably has its origins in medieval times and the earliest reference may date to 1333. Several 16th century maps show the quay following the same general outline as it does today. Little Dock and New Quay are shown on 18th century maps and by the 19th century there was a series of buildings on the quay. These include the Harbour Office, Berwick Shipping Company Office and Berwick Shipping Company and Newcastle Warehouse. A ramped approach road onto the quay was probably built in 1825 and would have meant the demolition of some quayside buildings, including the Harbour Office which was rebuilt against the ramp after this date. Excavations on the quayside in the 1990s found that the New Quay seems to have begun life as an undeveloped tidal foreshore, which had been reclaimed by 1769. Much organic material was found, including leather shoe soles, wood and bone objects, and large amounts of medieval pottery.

Reference number:N2504
Historical period: Post Medieval (1540 to 1901)
Medieval (1066 to 1540)
Legal status:Conservation area
Event(s):WATCHING BRIEF, The Archaeology of Berwick Quayside 1994
WATCHING BRIEF, New Quay, Berwick-upon-Tweed. Interim account of excavations and watching brief 1996; Tyne and Wear Museums

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