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Bronze Age burial cairn (Wooler; Akeld)

This large circular structure (about 17m diameter) is the remains of a Bronze Age burial cairn. At some point in the past it has been dug into, removing much of the interior. This has left it appearing like a ring cairn, a kind of Bronze Age burial monument in which a central area is surrounded by a stone bank. Excavation of the site found traces of cremated bone, a worked flint knife and a sherd of Bronze Age pottery. The grave itself had been emptied. In the eastern half of the cairn two further grave pits were found. These had been badly damaged, but their shape suggests they may have contained extended bodies rather than burnt remains.

Reference number:N1485
Historical period: Bronze Age (2600BC to 700BC)
Event(s):EXCAVATION, Black Law summit 1981; SPEAK, S

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