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Dovecote at Cresswell Home Farm (Cresswell)

Dovecote at Cresswell Home Farm
Dovecote at Cresswell Home Farm

An unusual dovecote can be seen at Cresswell Home Farm, a planned farm built in 1830. The dovecote is part of a small group of buildings, including an engine house and a threshing barn, which are attached to the rear of the north range of the farm. The top third of the dovecote has a series of three pigeon openings on each face, above an alighting band, upon which pigeons could perch. The dovecote has 60 stone nesting boxes inside. In the south-east corner there is a 1 square metre stone chimney which rises through the dovecote, almost to roof height. This chimney acted as a flue from the former engine house attached to the east side of the dovecote. Its location within the dovecote is deliberate, with the aim of providing a heat source throughout the year, thus enabling the doves to breed successfully during the winter and provide a reliable source of winter food. The dovecote is a Scheduled Monument, while the rest of the farm is a Grade II Listed Building.

Reference number:N12768
Historical period: Post Medieval (1540 to 1901)
Legal status:Listed Building
Scheduled Ancient Monument
Event(s):DESK BASED ASSESSMENT, Cresswell Environmental Impact Assessment 2003; BERNICIA ARCHAEOLOGY
BUILDING SURVEY, Historic Building Recording: Cresswell Home Farm, Northumberland 2013; P Ryder

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