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Harbottle Castle (Harbottle)

Harbottle Castle.
Photo by Harry Rowland, 1971.
Harbottle Castle. Photo by Harry Rowland, 1971.

Harbottle Castle was built by the Umfraville family in the 12th century. It was a typical Norman motte and bailey castle built of earth and timber. In the 13th century, a stone castle replaced the earlier building. The castle was destroyed and rebuilt many times in the wars with Scotland between the 12th and 16th centuries. Most of the stone from the castle was reused to make later buildings, but the layout of the castle can still be seen from the form of the earthworks that survive. Harbottle Castle is a Scheduled Monument protected by law.

Reference number:N1145
Historical period: Medieval (1066 to 1540)
Legal status:Listed Building
Scheduled Ancient Monument
Event(s):FIELD SURVEY, Harbottle Castle 1990; RCHME
BUILDING SURVEY, Harbottle Castle: A Short Historical and Descriptive Account 1990
PHOTOGRAPHIC SURVEY, Harbottle Castle: Archaeological Recording and Rectified Photography 1991; Northern Archaeological Associates
RECTIFIED PHOTOGRAPHIC SURVEY, Harbottle Castle 1991; Northern Archaeological Associates
FIELD OBSERVATION (MONITORING), Archaeological Monitoring of Consolidation Works at Harbottle Castle, Northumberland 1997; ARCHAEOLOGICAL SERVICES UNIVERSITY OF DURHAM
GEOPHYSICAL SURVEY, Ground Penetrating Radar Survey at Harbottle Castle 1997; NORTHUMBRIAN SURVEYS
WATCHING BRIEF, Harbottle Castle Survey and excavations 1999 1999; UNIVERSITY OF NEWCASTLE
FIELD SURVEY, Harbottle Castle Survey and Excavations 1999 1999; UNIVERSITY OF NEWCASTLE
GEOPHYSICAL SURVEY, Harbottle Castle 2015

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