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Hadrian's Wall from Throckley to East Town House (Heddon-on-the-Wall)

This stretch of Hadrian's Wall which runs from Throckley to East Town House. The wall can only be seen along some of its course. It is buried beneath the modern road at the east end, but towards the west it can be seen as an upstanding wall. The wall ditch is thought to survive as a buried feature beneath the gardens of the houses to the north of the Hexham Road, though it can be seen as an earthwork to the west of the houses. The vallum can be seen in several locations, although in places it has been reduced by ploughing. It can be seen best in a small stand of trees at the entrance of Heddon Hall, and they are also clear on the summit of Great Hill, where the ditch is cut through solid rock. In 2002, archaeologists discovered a series of pits in front of the Wall that were part of an extra line of defence. Sharpened sticks were placed in them to create an entanglement. This is a Scheduled Monument protected by law.

Reference number:N10900
Historical period: Roman (43 to 410)
Legal status:Scheduled Ancient Monument
Event(s):WATCHING BRIEF, The Vallum at West Denton and Heddon on the Wall 1961
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WATCHING BRIEF, Area of hardstanding at a bus stop to the south of Frenchmans Row, Heddon-on-the-Wall 2015; Alan Williams Archaeology

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