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Early Neolithic Settlement (Belsay)

Fieldwalking took place in this area in 1995 and 1997 and found worked flint tools and some pottery. These artefacts dated to the late Mesolithic and early Neolithic. In 1997 two trenches were excavated into the area. One of these trenches revealed an early Neolithic settlement. A number of features could be seen cutting the underlying soil and rock surfaces. These features included post holes, rubbish pits and the line of a fence. A line of three post holes may have been the traces of a central support of a tent. Artefacts found included burnt stones, charcoal, charred hazelnut shells, flints, pottery and a polished stone axe. A burial cairn covering three cremation pits was also found.. These excavations show that the site had been the location of an early Neolithic settlement. Such settlement sites belonging to this period are quite rare, and this is an important example.

Reference number:N10693
Historical period: Neolithic (4000BC to 2200BC)
Bronze Age (2600BC to 700BC)
Event(s):FIELDWALKING SURVEY, Bolam and Shaftoe 1993; DAVIES, J
EXCAVATION, An Early Meolithic Settlement and Late Bronze Age Burial Cairn near Bolam Lake, Northumberland: fieldwalking, excavation and reconstruction 1997

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