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Standing Stone (Belsay)

This monument includes a standing stone and an adjacent round cairn of Late Neolithic or early Bronze Age date situated on a prominent position on the top of a small hill. The cairn, 14m in diameter stands to a maximum height of 1.9m. It was partly opened in the 19th century and a stone coffin or cist was found within it. The standing stone, originally one of two, is 6m south of the cairn. It is 2m high and measures 1.5m wide and is 0.6m thick. An amber bead was found at the foot of the stone in 1985. A second stone which is thought to have stood to the north-east was reportedly moved to Wallington Hall in the early 18th century. The cairn and the standing stones were first mentioned in 1552 when the Order of the Marches, a law code for the border region between England and Scotland, said that 'watch be kept at the stones'. These monuments are scheduled monuments protected by law.

Reference number:N10580
Historical period: Bronze Age (2600BC to 700BC)
Legal status:Scheduled Ancient Monument

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