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Hadrian's Wall between Harlow Hill and Whittle Dean watercourse (Stamfordham)

This is the position of the stretch of Hadrian's Wall between Harlow Hill to the east and Whittle Dean Watercourse to the west. Nothing can be seen of the Wall, which is beneath the modern B6318 road. The wall ditch, to the north of the Wall, is not visible for most of this section, although it can be seen 200 metres west of Harlow Hill as an earthwork. The exact locations of turrets 16a and 16b have not been identified, although they lie buried somewhere under the modern B6318 road. All the structures described here are Scheduled Monuments and are protected by law. They form part of the Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Site.

Reference number:N10045
Historical period: Roman (43 to 410)
Legal status:Scheduled Ancient Monument
Event(s):WATCHING BRIEF, Hadrian's Wall at Harlow Hill. Archaeological watching brief during underground duct works 2004; Alan Williams Archaeology
WATCHING BRIEF, An archaeological watching brief in association with a coring survey along the B6318 'Military Road', Throckley-Gilsland, Tynedale, Northumberland 2007; Pre-Construct Archaeology
WATCHING BRIEF, B6318 signing improvements, Harlow Hill 2010; Pre-Construct Archaeology

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