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Belmont Kepier Butts (Belmont)

The two concrete remnants are all that survives of a rifle range butts that was established in the 19th century, first appearing on the second edition Ordnance Survey maps of 1894-1899 (1). The range is shown as extending at least 900 yards from the River Wear, southwest towards Kepier Hospital. The 900 yard range is still marked on the fourth epoch OS maps (2) but it seems to be shortened to just the first 400 yards on fifth epoch maps of the 1950's (3). The range is still marked on maps of the 1970's (4) but without the 100 yard interval markers suggesting that the range was no longer active by this time. The lifespan of the range suggests that it would have been in use during the First World War and WW2, perhaps associated with the military barracks at Gilesgate, now the Vane-Tempest Community Centre.

Reference number:D6811
Historical period: First World War (1914 to 1918)
Second World War (1939 to 1945)

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