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Holwick, Crossthwaite Scars (Holwick)

This monument, scheduled in 2000, includes a group of shielings and an associated track.

The group of shielings consists of the remains of eight buildings occupying natural platforms in the north east of Crossthwaite Scar. The track is visible as a substantial pony track on the lower ground and zig-zagging up the steep slope to the shielings.

On the lower platform are two long buildings almost parallel and close together, and a shorter one a few metres west. The most easterly building is divided internally into three rooms, only one room having a visible entrance. The second building measures is divided into two rooms each having an entrance but no interconnecting doorways.

The roughly-course flat stone walls of these two buildings survive to 0.7m and 1m high and are 1m thick.

The third building is square and measures 5.5m by 5m and its walls survive to 1m high. thick. Slightly to the south west and on higher natural platforms are the remains of five more buildings. The most northerly measures 11.5m by 4m and survives to a height of 1.2m. The building is divided into two or three rooms, the most northerly being obscured by rubble.

A few metres south of the latter building is a wider roughly rectangular building at right angles to the previous building, with a yard on the east side.

The next building to the south east has only one room. The walls are of coursed whinstone rubble.

Slightly to the south east are the remains of two more buildings. There is no apparent interconnection between the two parts of the building. These last two buildings are suffering from rabbit burrowing.

This group of shielings and the associated track survive well and will add to the sum of knowledge relating to medieval land use in the North Pennines. They form part of a well-preserved medieval landscape in the Holwick area and were scheduled in 2000.

Reference number:D6516
Historical period: Medieval (1066 to 1540)
Legal status:Scheduled Monument
  • National Heritage List for England Entry Number: 1019454

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