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Pickett Hamilton Fort at RAF Middleton St. George (Middleton St George)

This is one of a pair of structures (originally three would have been built), forming part of a local defence system for the airfield during World War Two (1939-45). It is a sunken circular pillbox, of reinforced concrete, which could house two or three men. The structure was level with the ground, to permit the free movement of aircraft over the field surface, but could be raised by a hand-operated jack, and manned during times of attack, to provide a cross-fire. The fort was probably built in 1940-1. Recent research shows that 242 Pickett Hamilton forts were built in England, and all surviving examples can be considered to be of national importance.

Reference number:D5075
Historical period: Second World War (1939 to 1945)
Event(s):Building recording and assessment, Durham Tees Valley Airport 2005; Scott Wilson Ltd

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