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War Memorial Cross, Cemetery Road, Wheatley Hill Cemetery (Wheatley Hill)

Rough hewn encircled stone cross with a sword carved in half relief on the front face, standing on a tapered pedestal and single step within a border of stone chippings with a low kerb. The pedestal bears the inscription: "In / memory of / those of this village / who died in the Great War / 1914-1918 / also / 1939-1945". The memorial was once located in the grounds of the Miners' Welfare Hall and unveiled in 1930 but was moved to its new location after reports of vandalism. The memorial is now surrounded by flower beds just outside the western end of the cemetery's chapel of rest, converted in 2002 to the Wheatley Hill Heritage Centre, with two small walls set back from the pedestal at the rear of the border, the left of which carrying another plaque with names.

Two brass plaques were once attached to the front of the pedestal bearing the names from the Second World War in two columns on each. These plaques came from the outside of Wheatley Hill Boys' School and were once associated with a memorial clock. The clock and plaques were separated over the years: the clock is now located inside the Heritage Centre; but in 2005 the plaques were replaced with upright slabs of polished granite with sloping front faces, located on the left and right sides of the pedestal (1). The Left slab carries the names of soldiers from the First World War in three columns. This list is continued on the right hand slab with the addition of WW2 names (taken from the original brass plaques) and two names belonging to the Korean War (2-3).

Reference number:D49820
Historical period: Early 20th Century (1901 to 1932)
First World War (1914 to 1918)
Second World War (1939 to 1945)
21st Century (2001 to 2100)
Legal status:Listed Building
  • National Heritage List for England Entry Number: 1441696

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