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Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, West End, Sedgefield (Sedgefield)

A Methodist Chapel first appears here on the second edition Ordnance Survey maps of 1894-99 (1) although there were already buildings on the site on the first edition maps of 1856-65 (2). Streetview images of 2009 (3) show that the building was still extant, constructed of red brick with four exterior bays each with an arched window. The roof is shallow pitched and with curved terracotta tiles. A sign over the door shows that the building was being used as a meeting hall for Sedgefield Scout Group. It has been documented that as a Wesleyan Chapel the church contained a number of features dedicated as war memorials, though their condition/survival is unknown (4).

Reference number:D49577
Historical period: Victorian (1837 to 1901)
First World War (1914 to 1918)
Mid 20th Century (1933 to 1966)
21st Century (2001 to 2100)

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