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St. Michael and All Angels Church, Hawthorn (Hawthorn)

Consecrated on the 29th September 1864, a gift to the village from squire Richard Lawrence Pemberton and his wife who were instrumental in the building of the church in 1862 (1). The church website (2) and streetview images (3) show that the church is stone built in a Gothic style, it is quite small and set within a well maintained churchyard. Building has a two-height steep-pitched roofline, shorter on the eastern side than on the west. The taller part of the building is surmounted by a spirelet belfry over the western gable. The website shows an encircled cross finial over the eastern road-facing gable though this is not evident on streetview images. The eastern gable features three slender lancet windows and an upper rose window or oculus. The sides of the church are lined with a number of buttresses. Porches protruding from the northern and southern walls give the church a cross shaped footprint, the main entrance of the church being housed in the northern porch gable, over which is a stone cross finial. The church and churchyard are known to contain a number of features that are (and once were) dedicated as war memorials (4).

Reference number:D49318
Historical period: Victorian (1837 to 1901)
Second World War (1939 to 1945)
21st Century (2001 to 2100)

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