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War Memorial Obelisk in old churchyard west of Church Street, Castleside (Castleside)

The memorial is constructed of a polished pink marble obelisk on top of a three-tiered pedestal on a stone foundation. The whole is set within a circular kerb with four kerbed pathways leading to the central monument, resembling a wheel. Between the pathways are four sloping quarters, grassed. The dedication and names of fallen soldiers from the First World War and WW2 are carried on all four sides of the main plinth, with quotations located on the two lower tiers of the plinth. Unveiled 1919, WW2 details obviously added later. (1-2)

Reference number:D48938
Historical period: Early 20th Century (1901 to 1932)
First World War (1914 to 1918)
Second World War (1939 to 1945)
21st Century (2001 to 2100)
Legal status:Listed Building
  • National Heritage List for England Entry Number: 1433898

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