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St. Edwin's Church, The Green, High Coniscliffe (High Coniscliffe)

This is a listed building. The Church of St Edwin dates from c.1170 when the west end of the nave and western part of the south nave wall were first built. Later, during the early 13th century a nave, chancel and tower were built. During the 14th century the tower aquired a parapet and a spire. During the 15th century a vestry was also added. Around 1860 the porch was rebuilt. The church saw much rebuilding and refenestration in 1844 and during the later 19th century. (1)

The church is known to contain a number of features dedicated as war memorials (2-3).

Reference number:D36633
Historical period: Tudor (1485 to 1603)
Elizabethan (1558 to 1603)
Stuart (1603 to 1714)
Victorian (1837 to 1901)
First World War (1914 to 1918)
Mid 20th Century (1933 to 1966)
Second World War (1939 to 1945)
Cold War (1946 to 1991)
Medieval (1066 to 1540)
Legal status:Listed Building
  • National Heritage List for England Entry Number: 1115562

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