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How Tallon Barrow, Barningham Moor (Barningham Moor)

This is a round barrow or cairn, which was excavated in 1897, and covered in grass, though a few small rocks can be seen poking through. Five burials, all inhumations, and an empty cist were found, as well as some prehistoric pottery. A number of worked flint tools were also found, including an arrowhead (1).

An Ordnance Survey concrete triangulation pillar is located on the north summit of the cairn. The modern field wall that runs over the cairn contains rock art motif of cup-marked stones which were disturbed during the excavations and built into the wall over the cairn afterwards. The panels were recorded as part of The Northumberland and Durham Rock Art Project (NADRAP) between 2005 and 2008. This is a Scheduled Ancient Monument protected by law (1).

Reference number:D2504
Historical period: 20th Century (1901 to 2000)
Later Prehistoric (4000BC to 43AD)
Late Neolithic (2900BC to 2200BC)
Early Bronze Age (2600BC to 1600BC)
21st Century (2001 to 2100)
Legal status:Scheduled Monument
  • National Heritage List for England Entry Number: 1010540

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