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Place Type of Site
Aerial photograph site, Evenwood and Barony Evenwood RECTANGULAR ENCLOSURE
Baptist Church, Evenwood Road, Esh Winning Esh Winning BAPTIST CHAPEL, WAR MEMORIAL (TRIBUTE)
Bridge & Wall east of Witton Castle, Sloshes Lane, Evenwood and Barony Witton-le-Wear BRIDGE
Bridge, Witton Castle, Sloshes Lane, Evenwood and Barony Evenwood BRIDGE
Castle Garden Walls S of forecourt, Witton Castle Evenwood GARDEN WALL
Esh Winning Methodist Church, Evenwood Road Esh Winning METHODIST CHAPEL, WAR MEMORIAL (TRIBUTE)
Evenwood Evenwood VILLAGE
Evenwood Evenwood Local History
Evenwood Bridge over River Gaunless, Evenwood and Barony Evenwood BRIDGE
Evenwood Gate Tollhouse Evenwood TOLL HOUSE
Evenwood Mill Evenwood CORN MILL
Evenwood Working Men's Club Evenwood WORKING MENS CLUB, WAR MEMORIAL (TRIBUTE)
Evenwood medieval village Evenwood VILLAGE
Evenwood, The Oaks Evenwood BUILDING, FARM
Field Shelter SW of Ramshaw Hall Evenwood GAZEBO
Gaunless or Lands Viaduct, Cockfield Fell Cockfield VIADUCT
Milestone, A688, NE of New Moor Lodge Evenwood MILESTONE
Mounting block south of entrance to toft hill hall Evenwood MOUNTING BLOCK
Nineteenth century farm buildings, Evenwood gate Evenwood HEMMEL, BARN, STABLE, HORSE ENGINE HOUSE
North Lodge to Witton Castle Evenwood LODGE
Piers & Gates, N entrance to Witton Castle Evenwood GATE, GATE PIER
Pigeon-cote NW of Witton Castle Evenwood DOVECOTE
Site of Evenwood Tower, Evenwood Evenwood TOWER
South Lodge, Walls & Piers, Witton Castle Evenwood LODGE, WALL
St. Paul's Church, Evenwood Evenwood CHURCH, WAR MEMORIAL (TRIBUTE)
Terrace Wall N of Witton Castle (main range) Evenwood WALL
Toft Hill Hall, Toft Hill Evenwood HOUSE
Two Piers NE of Witton Castle South Lodge Evenwood GATE PIER
Wall & Piers at Ramshaw Hall Evenwood WALL
Wall & Piers, Toft Hill Hall Evenwood GATE PIER, WALL
War Memorial Obelisk, Evenwood Cemetery Evenwood WAR MEMORIAL

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