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Recent Sites of the Day

Below is a list of recent Sites of the Day. These are interesting or unusual sites which we have highlighted for your interest. A link to further sites of the day can be found at the bottom of the page. Click on the photographs to expand the image.

County Durham

Lead smelting mill at Feldon (County Durham)
Feldon Smelt Mill (Muggleswick)

Holmside Hall © Ryder, P 2006
Holmside Hall (Burnhope)

The Terrace and Gazebo at Old Durham.  October 2001
Old Durham Gardens (Gilesgate)


Biddlestone Hall just before demolition in the 1950s
Biddlestone Hall

No. 12 Bath Terrace, Blyth. Photo by Northumberland County Council, 1968.
No 12 Bath Terrace

High Light, Blyth. Photo by Northumberland County Council.
High Light

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