Welcome to Keys to the Past.

This site unlocks the archaeological secrets of County Durham and Northumberland by providing access to a selection of records of the archaeology and historic environment of these counties, from the smallest Roman coin to the largest medieval castle, from the oldest prehistoric flint to more recent World War II pillboxes.

Professional Users are advised that use of Keys to the Past (K2P) does not constitute a full Historic Environment Record (HER) search, and is unsuitable for some Planning related functions. The HERs are continually updated and provide more detailed information from a variety of sources. If you're unsure if using K2P will be appropriate for your purposes, please contact the relevant HER (Northumberland or Durham) to clarify.

You should also be aware that due to changes in how Durham County Council HER works, the Place search may not find all records for a given area.

Durham County Council Archaeology Section is carrying out a major HER enhancement project over the few years. As part of this project, records which are updated and edited will become unavailable through this website until the end of the project. They will still be available direct from the HER, via normal inquiry routes.

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Durham K2P data is updated daily

Northumberland K2P data was last updated: January 2021